Identify Premium Guests

Identify existing premium guests and attract new premium guests.

Not all guest segments bring the same profit. You can expect more profit form premium than sub-premium guests. Focus your attention to the most profitable guests and target your product portfolio separately for premium and sub-premium segment.

Building blocks:

GuestHeart Profiles

Guest Profiles are at the heart of bringing the knowledge you have about your guest. All of their reservations and stays, all subscribes and unsubscribes, questionnaires, send outs… Basically, all of the guest data is smartly organized and cleansed.

GuestHeart Data Collector

Data Collector is a rule based engine which cleans, organizes, reduplicates and merges data with GuestHeart Profiles. Use or apply your specific rules for your specific data sources.

GuestHeart Communication Campaigns

Communication Campaigns is module designed just for you having in mind specifications of hospitality industry. Segment by activity, revenue segment, language, market channel or any other combination of parameters in minutes regardless if you are managing 10’s or 100’s thousands of guests.

GuestHeart BI

Gain deep insight into each individual guest and each guest segment. Turn guest information into numbers, analytics and reports which will be used for sales and marketing decisions.

GuestHeart Call Centre

GuestHeart Loyalty